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Building Performance Environmental Engineer

Position: HMP/144 - Building Performance Environmental Engineer
Location: London
Role: We are seeking a wide range of talented and enthusiastic technical engineers to work in our Building Performance Group. They will gain extensive experience on a wide variety of challenging buildings, including some of the largest, high-rise developments in the UK, whilst creating communications links with authorities and design teams alike.
Qualifications: A technical qualification, related to the subject matter will be required for the more senior positions, whilst a relevant understanding of building fabric constructions and associated M & E design is desired for intermediate positions.
Experience: We are currently looking for applicants who have Environmental analysis and design experience in the following fields:- Climate adaptation predictions, Sun path and solar signature assessments, Building mass aerodynamic optimization, Pedestrian comfort analysis, Natural and mixed mode assessments, Facade environmental performance assessments, Thermal comfort
assessments, Data room critical failure testing, Fire and smoke strategy assessment, Specialist facility modelling (clean rooms and operating theatres), Plume dilution modelling, Building load assessments, Energy and carbon emission predictions and Part L 2006 assessments.
Languages: Applicants who can speak Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic or Dutch would be an advantage, but it is not essential.
Remuneration: Remuneration will be commensurate with the position and/or qualifications and potential demonstrated by the applicant.

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